Cenvill ~ It's a"Way of Life"

Mark F. Levy

As President of Cenvill Recreation, Inc. Mark F. Levy manages and oversees the corporate offices and the management of the recreational facilities at West Palm, Boca Raton and Pembroke Pines, Century Villages®.


With an active background in law as a commercial litigator which lead to extensive experience in commercial real estate and various other business enterprises, Mark brings a plethora of knowledge to this family-owned business. Mark enjoys meeting the diverse residents of the three Villages and putting to use his nearly forty years of professional life conducting his public and professional affairs in the city where he was born.  These experiences have given him the ability to provide a strong moral and ethical compass to the company, one which he continues to pass along to his team. Mark’s philosophy for Cenvill Recreation is to make living every day a special day.