Cenvill ~ It's a"Way of Life"


Cenvill Recreation, Inc. provides a full-time Site Administrator for each of their properties.  Each Administrator brings a set of skills to their job that is unique in the property management business. 


On a regular basis the Administrators - Eva Rachesky in West Palm Beach, Judy Millington in Boca Raton, and George Beckhart in Pembroke Pines - are called upon to meet with vendors, contractors, residents and multiple committees to resolve issues, plan and budget for the needs of the community, and facilitate projects to improve the lives of those who live in their communities.  Compassion and understanding is an integral part of their job as they make decisions that will impact the lives of so many.  Each Administrator has a talented staff of full and part-time employees in the areas of administration, facility and pool maintenance, as well as athletic trainers for their on-site gyms and exercise rooms.


Cenvill’s Administrators are required to maintain the delicate balance between their multi-faceted roles as facilities manager and supervisor with their most important role – that of providing programs and services in safe and attractive facilities that enable their residents to enjoy a way of life unrivaled by that of other communities.