Cenvill ~ It's a"Way of Life"


The goal of this department is to preserve and safeguard the beautiful surroundings and ambiance of our Century Village® properties so that our residents can enjoy their lifestyle to the fullest and take pride in their community and its recreational facilities.


With a staff that is fully equipped to respond to any situation and with the newest technology that includes preventive maintenance programs and emergency management systems, the Maintenance Department has the ability to handle whatever comes along, whether it is the day-to-day repair issues, electrical outages or an emergency weather situation. Dan Cruz, the Regional Facilities Manager, oversees the department which includes an on-site Maintenance Director at each location, and both full and part-time maintenance professionals.


Our Emergency Management System controls Clubhouse air conditioning, lighting, irrigation and water temperature at the satellite pools. This system greatly increases the efficiency and produces up-to-the-minute reporting of conditions.  The advanced technology of the Preventive Maintenance System records all maintenance activity at each location.