The Accounting Department works as part of a team in conjunction with our other departments and community administrators to provide a comprehensive management approach for properties serviced and maintained by Cenvill Recreation, Inc.

Headed by our Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Monica Wells, the department comprises seven employees made up of two CPAs, two accountants, two specialized personnel and one administrative assistant. The department provides financial services to the three Century Village communities, as well as multiple other ancillary operations and private corporations. In addition, the department monitors special projects such as the clubhouse and other renovations as well as major projects in each Village. Large projects require constant review, evaluation, and oversight from initial budgeting and planning to securing financing and supervision throughout.

TAXTax Department

The Tax Department supervises tax compliance for all departments within the company, as well as matters related to tax planning, analysis, research, projections, and preparation of tax returns.

Headed by our Director of Tax, and Vice President of Finance, Laura Friedman, the Tax Department is also involved in general accounting functions such as preparation and review of financial statements and budgets.

ITInformation Technology

The IT department provides the very best technology-based services to the company and its affiliates through technology support for computers, servers, voice, video, web-based applications, and resident software. Headed by Cary Anderson, Director of IT Services, the IT Department is also involved in the planning, training, and consulting for these services with their help desk supporting over 250 users. The department is continuously updating the design, enhancement, and management of the company’s networks as well as facilitating the collection, storage, security, and integrity of electronic data for multiple servers. By promoting new uses of information technology through support for more current and innovative applications, hardware, and network protocols, this department makes sure the company’s communications run as efficiently and effectively as possible.


The goal of this department is to preserve and safeguard the beautiful surroundings and ambiance of our Century Village properties, so that our residents can enjoy their lifestyle to the fullest and take pride in their community and its recreational facilities.

With a staff that is fully equipped to respond to any situation, and with the newest technology that includes preventive maintenance programs and emergency management systems, the Maintenance Department has the ability to handle whatever comes along, whether it is the day-to-day repair issues, electrical outages, or an emergency weather situation. Dan Cruz, Vice President/Regional Facilities Manager, oversees the department which includes an on-site Maintenance Director at each location, and both full and part-time maintenance professionals.

Our Emergency Management System controls clubhouse air conditioning and lighting, while a state of the art energy performance system monitors all 54 pools between the three Villages located at the clubhouses and throughout the communities. These systems greatly increase efficiency and produce up-to-the-minute reporting of conditions. The advanced technology of the Preventive Maintenance System records maintenance activity at each location.


Cenvill Recreation, Inc. provides a full-time Site Administrator for each of their properties. Each Administrator brings a set of skills to their job that is unique in the property management business. 

On a regular basis the Administrators – Vice Presidents: Eva Rachesky West Palm Beach, Judy Millington Boca Raton, and Carlos Perez Pembroke Pines - are called upon to meet with vendors, contractors, residents and multiple committees to resolve issues, plan and budget for the needs of the community, and facilitate projects to improve the lives of those who live in their communities. Compassion and understanding is an integral part of their job as they make decisions that will impact the lives of so many. Each Administrator has a talented staff of full and part-time employees in the areas of administration, facility and pool maintenance, as well as athletic trainers for their on-site gyms and exercise rooms.

Cenvill’s Administrators are required to maintain the delicate balance between their multi-faceted roles as managers with their most important role – that of providing programs and services in safe and attractive facilities that enable their residents to enjoy a way of life unrivaled by that of other communities.


The Entertainment Department is committed to the presentation of high-quality, diverse entertainment with the goal of bringing performing artists and audiences together.

Under the direction of Abby Koffler, Vice President/Entertainment, this department schedules, books and promotes the theater which is open seven nights per week as well as choosing ‘just distributed, first-run’ movies. With over 100 Broadway-style live shows a year, the department also plans Saturday night and specialty dances, pool parties and special events. In order to do this, the department relies on support staff including a full time Assistant Entertainment Director, Technical Director as well as a Marketing Director and a host of emcees. 

LegalLegal Department

The Legal Department offers guidance to all management staff, including the on-site management staff of each Century Village.

Headed by Laura Coffy, Esq. and assisted by Jourdan Levy, Esq., the Legal Department is involved in all aspects of the operations of Cenvill Recreation, Inc., including, but not limited to, operational decisions, revenue preservation and conservation, compliance and regulatory matters, risk management, asset preservation, and employment and human resource issues. The Legal Department also directly supports the on-site Administrators, supervisors and employees in each Century Village community, provides legal analysis, advice, and guidance. In addition, the Legal Department provides assistance to Century Village staff as they respond to resident queries and develop reasonable accommodations to facilitate access to properties. The department is also responsible for reviewing major contracts with outside vendors and for providing oversight of all outside litigation as it relates to Century Village properties operations or the multiple other ancillary operations and private corporations affiliated with Cenvill Recreation, Inc.

REReal Estate

As an industry leader in innovative retirement community, country club and general real estate sales and marketing, this diverse firm is involved in all aspects of the real estate industry including residential brokerage, commercial brokerage, title insurance, mortgage origination personal and business insurance, home warranty programs, moving services, construction, and professional education. With sixteen offices throughout Palm Beach and Broward County, and a professional team of more than 1,000 people, the Signature Real Estate Companies is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in South Florida. Headed by Ben Schachter, President and Jack Jaiven, CFO, Signature, a closely affiliated company of Cenvill Recreation, Inc., understands their clients and works diligently to find the right community to meet the needs of each customer.